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i'm just a holy fool, oh baby he's so cruel

but I’m still in love with judas, baby

Pokemaster Marian♥
21 July 1990
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we desire the courage to connect hearts, so we get lost in love

I cower at the thought of tomorrow,
Worrying that everything might fall apart.
In my heart, I know that looking ahead
To the day after tomorrow won't give me a single answer.

Even now, I'm still wishing that
These words I repeatedly say will be sent to you
Someday, our conflicting thoughts will cross over
In a world that has trembled since

I wish to the starry sky, I pray to the earth
And I swear to a love that will not fade

I want you to embrace me, and only me,
With your selfish arms, tightly as if I'd choke
I still live on seeking for you, and only you,
Drowned and still alone at the bottom of the ocean of memories

I wander around, in search of your figure
Amidst the wavering light
I want to be surrounded by your gentle warmth
Just one more time

The sky cries and laughs, the earth dances with the flowers
Leaving behind a 'goodbye' for me

The one who can protect you is me, and only me,
The feelings that I can't turn into words are washed by tears
Just that the one I continue to trust is you, and only you,
As you smile inside the ocean of memories

A touched cheek, an overlapping heartbeat
And a melting emotion of love tainted by gentleness

I want you to be mine, and only mine,
That would be my wish to the glittering stars if I could have one
I want to shout till I lose my voice that I am still here
Seeking for you at the bottom of the ocean of memories

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